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Welcome to Al Bachy Landscape Inc. Proudly Landscaping in Pittsburgh PA

Welcome to Al Bachy Landscape Inc. Proudly Landscaping in Pittsburgh PA

Welcome to Al Bachy Landscape Inc. Proudly Landscaping in Pittsburgh PAWelcome to Al Bachy Landscape Inc. Proudly Landscaping in Pittsburgh PA

Fertilizer, Flea & Tick and Weed Spraying


We are fully licensed and insured fertilizer and pesticide application company. We offer a 6 step lawn fertilization program that will keep your lawn green and healthy and weed free throughout the spring, summer and fall. Applications begin in the middle of March as soon as the snow is gone. 


Grubs...not something you want in your beautiful lawn and landscape after you have worked so hard to get your lawn nice and green and healthy. 

Grubs are a sub-surface insect that destroys the lawn from the root system which results in brown patches and having to spend money to tear up the lawn and start over again. 

We apply a granular grub control to create a barrier between the root system and the insects below the surface. 

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Fleas and Ticks are not something anybody wants to deal with. At Al Bachy Landscape, we have the training and the capability to spray your entire lawn, landscape and around the foundation of any building to take care of controlling fleas and ticks. Applications are sprayed in liquid form for fast results. Applications are sprayed every 30-40 days at the maximum. IF you are a pet owner or have children who play in the yard, this is a strongly recommended service for your home. 


When it comes to weeds and vegetation, we can handle spraying and taking care of that as weel. Whether it be a few weeds in a mulch bed or a hillside or along a guardrail, we have the training, equipment and the knowledge of what products to use for the application. We are licensed to spray for Residential, Commercial and Municipal. Call us for your Estimate! 

6 Step Fertilization Plan

Step 1 - Mid to Late March

Our early Spring application will promote a fast green up and help your lawn recover from Winter stress. This application includes preventative crabgrass control. Broadleaf weed control will be applied as weather permits.

Step 2 - Late April

We apply a balanced granular fertilizer to promote color, thickness, and overall good health. It also includes preventative crabgrass control. In addition to feeding the lawn, we will treat for broadleaf weeds and surface feeding insects as needed.

Step 3 - Early June

if you can’t handle Summer heat, imagine how your lawn feels. We fertilize your lawn to prepare for the hot days ahead and we treat for weeds and surface feeding insects as needed. We will be watching for the early stages of disease. 

Step 4 - Late July / Early August

Summer heat is hard on a lawn. To help fight drought, disease and insect stresses, we apply a unique, balanced summer treatment. We stay on the lookout for weeds, surface insects, and disease.

Step 5 - Mid September

With Fall closing in we continue to feed your lawn to encourage color, thickness, and overall health. This treatment is designed to help your lawn recover from the stress of Summer heat and to control any unwanted broadleaf weeds.

Step 6 - Mid to Late October

Our Fall treatment features a granular fertilizer that will help prepare your lawn to not just survive but to thrive during the months ahead.

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