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There is nothing like a fresh coat of mulch around your house to give that "pop" to make your home or business more appealing! We offer premium dyed mulches from the same supply yard for consistency on every job we perform. All mulch installs are different but our goal is to achieve what you the cusotmer wants! All mulch installs include weed pre-emergent to aid in keeping your mulch beds weed free. Call us today for your FREE Quote!


Rock Installs

We offer a variety of types of rock installs, ranging from pea gravel to large river rock installs and everything in between. 

Rock installs require minimal maintenance and do include a weed pre-emergent to aid in keeping weeds out. 

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Hedge and Shrub Maintenance

Hedge and Shrub maintenance is a key part to keeping your landscpae looking its best! With the proper equipment and trained crew members, we will ensure the proper care of your hedges and shrubs and will maintain them at the proper times of year to avoid damage and casuing budding issues next growing season. Call us for your FREE Quote!


Landscape Installation

Whether it be a simple plant a couple new bushes and install a yard of mulch, or remove every exisiting piece of landscaping and completely redesign the landscape, we can handle it! Every install is unique and a great way to showcase our abilities! Call us for your FREE Quote!

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Aeration pulls plugs of soil from the lawn, to allow air and water to penetrate the soil and help the overal health of the lawn and to eliminate compaction of soil which causes the lawn to become weak and collapse. Aeration also aids in keeping unwanted weeds out of the lawn, however our fertilization program will also help to keep the rest of those pesky weeds out of the lawn! Call us for your FREE Quote!

Gravel Driveway Pittsburgh


We have the ability install gravel driveways and pathways! With access to the proper equipment and site prep, we can restore your existing gravel driveway or pathway, install a completely new one for you at a reasonable cost! Call us for your FREE Quote!

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